Learn from multiple BJJ World Champion Braulio Estima by checking out the training videos and incredible library of resources at https://www.estimainaction.com/Default.aspx

Braulio goes through multiple techniiques with great detail.  A great resource for any BJJ student or teacher alike.

Braulio Estima, multiple world champion and 3rd degree black belt is the head instructor for Gracie Barra Channel Islands.

Braulio has a personal website where you can find out more about him at https://www.braulioestima.com

The IBJJF, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation, was set up  by Carlos Gracie, Jr., who is the head of one of the largest Brazilian jiu-jitsu associations, Gracie Barra.

The IBJJF uses the rule set of the Confederação Brasileira de Jiu-Jitsu
Find out more about IBJJF here https://ibjjf.org

Gracie Barra is the organisation that all other Gracie Barra academies fall under.  They hold all thge records for instructors, schools and anything Gracie related.

Lots of information can be found on their site www.graciebarra.com

GB Wear Eaurope is the offical Gracie Barra store for purchasing Gracie Barra gear for in Europe.

From Uniforms, to rash vests, to casual street wear, you will find everything you need here www.gbweareurope.com

Portrait and documentary photographer, John Liot, has been a member of Gracie Barra Channel Island’s No-Gi and MMA contingent for nearly half a decade.  In that time, John has lent his skills behind a camera countless times to the club that gave him skills and confidence behind his fists. 

Whether shooting head shots of coaches and VIPs, documenting Jiu-Jitsu summer camps and MMA competitions, or writing a 200+ page photo book in support of one the club’s most prolific members; John has always proudly worn the Red Shield in support of the GBCI family and looks forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.

His work is available online at www.JohnLiot.com